The Adventure Game


Join Moira Stewart, Lesley Judd, celebrity guests and a host of shape-changing space dragons on the planet arg for a quiz show like no other… This cult BBC quiz show was a teatime and Saturday morning hit as the formative years of computer gaming made their mark on children s TV scheduling. Devised and later presented by veteran producer Patrick Dowling (Vision On, Why Don t You…?), it combines elements of Dungeons & Dragons with logic puzzles and a healthy dose of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Celebrity contestants are whisked away to the planet Arg, where a mischievous race of space dragons in human form put them through their paces with a series of mind-boggling challenges. Highlights include the Drogna game, a floor-tile maze of coded shapes and colours; a backwards-talking alien named Rongad (Bill Homewood) whose congratulatory cry Doogy rev! became a catchphrase; slippery butler Gandor (Chris Lever); and the Vortex game, where contestants have to cross a hexagonal lattice at a risk of being zapped into oblivion. Other delights include Moira Stewart presenting the first series in a pre-newsroom jumpsuit, Lesley Judd switching from nimble visitor to The Mole , the contrasting fortunes of brainiacs Graeme Garden, Johnny Ball, James Burke, Professor Heinz Wolff and a clueless Keith Chegwin, and Noel Edmonds and Fern Britton being vaporised together into deep space.

Signed by Janet Fielding.

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